Lift & Slide Doors (HST)

Lift and Slide (HST)

Lift & Slide Doors (HST)

Our Lift and Slide doors are unlike any other system – a flat bottom track has two key benefits: the doors slide effortlessly and this clever engineering makes it ideal for wheelchair users.

The seamless lift and slide operation makes even the heaviest doors easy to lift, slide and close so it’s great for any large sized door. And because there are no hinges like on a folding door, the panels don’t take up any space.

The high specification glazing also makes these doors excellent energy savers.

Another great feature is the ability to lock the doors in an open position by turning the handle down so you can allow for ventilation and security.

We use the German designed Sapphire Slide system for its superior quality and functionality. This includes a slightly raised sash that limits the friction between the sill and gaskets and the special brushes that clean the track every time the door slides.

High quality sliding system that makes opening any sized door a breeze.

European uPVC Windows and Doors

AM Windows is the sole distributor of Roland Becket uPVC windows and doors in Australia.

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