Multi Slide Doors

Sliding Door

Multi Slide Doors

When choice dictates uninterrupted views and easier traffic flow, then our multi slide door is what you need.

By design, the glass panels are configured to stack side-by-side and slide out of the way to provide easy access between the indoors and outside.

Our multi slide doors are versatile: they come in a variety of sizes and configurations so you’ll be sure to find something to suit your space.

Energy efficiency is an unbeatable feature. There is minimal heat loss thanks to the up to 32mm thick glazing which keeps the cool air inside in summer and the heat out.

Other features include:

  • Extension profiles for multi-track guide rail available
  • Co-extruded gaskets
  • Excellent structural values allow for large elements
  • Aluminium threshold with integrated drain function
  • Easy installation
Multi Slide

The space saving design gives you more room than a swinging door and looks great too

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AM Windows is the sole distributor of Roland Becket uPVC windows and doors in Australia.

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