Tilt & Slide Doors (PSK)

Sliding Door

Tilt & Slide Doors (PSK)

Our Tilt & Slide Doors are an innovative alternative to the traditional sliding door and more interesting than the customary French door.

While they appear similar to standard sliding doors, the tilt and slide door range can slide for entry and exit access and tilt for ventilation without having to open the entire door.

These doors are a great addition to any property – they add light, give the convenience of taking up minimal space and the flexibility to ventilate as you choose.

The tilt and slide doors feature PSK fittings and operate using the special aluminum ergonomic handle. Turn the handle 90 degrees and the door will move inwards perpendicularly and slide; or turn the handle 180 degrees to tilt the panel from the bottom to angle the door internally for secure ventilation.

The tilt and slide door is ideal for those times when ventilation is a key factor while also keeping the property secure.

Tilt & Slide (PSK)

All the advantages of a sliding door with the added benefit of controlling ventilation.

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