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uPVC Doors

Our range of uPVC doors are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons – they’re maintenance free, are reinforced for added security and are competitively priced.

And because the shape and look is customisable, you can choose a uPVC door to suit your property’s character, whether it’s traditional, modern or heritage.

Our uPVC doors are manufactured in Europe so you can be confident you are buying a product made of the highest quality.

What makes our uPVC door range truly unique is its energy efficiency: its thermal qualities will make a real difference in reducing energy bills. They are also incredibly durable, and won’t rust, corrode or fade which makes them very easy to maintain.

The uPVC material helps reduce external noise so they’re great in areas where soundproofing is important and they’ll stand up to even the harshest of elements.

Our uPVC range of doors come in a range of colours and finishes to complement your property so you don’t have to compromise on appearance.

Bi Fold Doors

Improve the value of your property with our range of uPVC doors.

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Why choose uPVC over Aluminium

uPVC Aluminium
Energy Bills Low energy consumption High energy consumption
Price Similar to Aluminium Similar to uPVC
Expansion and Contraction Does not expand or Contract like Aluminium Very stable Very high thermal expansion coefficient leads to distortion if not manufactured/installed properly
Resistance to Corrosion Do not Rust or Corrode Prone to Oxidation and susceptible to Corrosion
Thermal Insulation Superior Thermal Insulation. Poor conductor of heat. Highly conductive material Heat can pass very easily Thermally Inefficient.
Waste Disposal Up to %99 of uPVC material can be separated Recyclable
UV Resistance Special UV resistance blend Does not fade Powder coated/Anodised can be discoloured
Sound Insulation Quiter Not sound proof compared to uPVC
Operation Smothly and silent Noisy and is affected by weather and moisture
Effect of moisture Doesn’t swell Water with higher PH can attack Aluminium Alloys
Low Maintenance No painting only routine cleaning May require periodic maintenance over long time
Energy at the Time of Production Low energy to convert from raw materials to finished goods 7.5 Times More Energy

European uPVC Windows and Doors

AM Windows is the sole distributor of Roland Becket uPVC windows and doors in Australia.

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