uPVC Windows

uPVC Windows

uPVC Windows

Our range of uPVC windows are specially manufactured in Europe where quality standards are paramount. The classic design – which is regarded as one of the best in the world – flatters any architectural style from the very modern to the most traditional character.

What makes our uPVC window range so special? They feature some of the most advanced thermal and sound insulation, safety properties and functional elements.

Our windows are stable; they won’t expand or contract the way aluminum does. They won’t rust, corrode or fade; and the galvanised metal reinforcement gives it stability and long-lasting functionality.

We use the Sapphire Suite system for its five chamber technology which minimises the temperature difference in the space. It reduces heat loss and acts as a high performing barrier against the cold and draughts so you will notice the difference in your energy consumption!

The window frames come in a range of 10 different colours and finishes to suit every taste and architectural style.

Try our uPVC Windows and discover the difference.

A unique window system with innovative features you’ll love.

Colour Charts

Why choose uPVC over Aluminium

uPVC Aluminium
Energy Bills Low energy consumption High energy consumption
Price Similar to Aluminium Similar to uPVC
Expansion and Contraction Does not expand or Contract like Aluminium Very stable Very high thermal expansion coefficient leads to distortion if not manufactured/installed properly
Resistance to Corrosion Do not Rust or Corrode Prone to Oxidation and susceptible to Corrosion
Thermal Insulation Superior Thermal Insulation. Poor conductor of heat. Highly conductive material Heat can pass very easily Thermally Inefficient.
Waste Disposal Up to %99 of uPVC material can be separated Recyclable
UV Resistance Special UV resistance blend Does not fade Powder coated/Anodised can be discoloured
Sound Insulation Quiter Not sound proof compared to uPVC
Operation Smothly and silent Noisy and is affected by weather and moisture
Effect of moisture Doesn’t swell Water with higher PH can attack Aluminium Alloys
Low Maintenance No painting only routine cleaning May require periodic maintenance over long time
Energy at the Time of Production Low energy to convert from raw materials to finished goods 7.5 Times More Energy

The AM WINDOW Sapphire Suite system

Profile system

  • Elegant, slightly rounded edges
  • 5-chamber profiles with a standard installation depth of 70 mm
  • Wall thickness of 3 mm in accordance with RAL standards
  • Style options: recessed or semi-recessed external surface
  • Visible surface: 118–131 mm
  • Steel reinforcements in accordance with the SAPPHIRE reinforcement guidelines

Physical properties

  • Thermal insulation to DIN 4108 and European regulations for energy conservation, EnEV
  • Sound insulation to VDI 2719 SSK, sound transmission classes II to V
  • Burglary resistant according to DIN V ENV 1627–1630, up to resistance class 2

Applications and functionality

  • Standard windows, thermal insulation and sound insulation windows, safety windows, sliding elements, European windows
  • Tilt-turn, casement, hopper and French casement windows and parallel tilt-and-slide doors with single or multiple casements, fixed or combinable, glazing to Australian Standard AS1288-2006

Glazing rebate

  • Insertion depth: 20-24 mm
  • Thickness of pane (in the standard combination of sash/ outer frame) combined with rounded glazing bead: 20–36 mm
  • Thickness of pane (in the standard combination of sash/ outer frame) combined with other glazing beads from the SAPPHIRE system range: 14–42 mm

Quality assurance

  • The AMNSW Sapphire window system is tested and approved by a NATA certified laboratory to comply with Australian Standard AS2047-2014 and Australian Standard AS1288-2006
  • Quality testing according to the RAL quality mark for uPVC windows


  • In accordance with Australian Standard AS2047-2014
  • Compatible with system-tested, quality assured hardware
  • Free choice of handles

Gasket system

  • Gasket around sash and outer frame
  • 2 seal levels with high-quality material
  • Elegant grey as standard colour


  • Panel profiles, extensions, window sill connections, wall connections, couplings, additional reinforcements, ventilation, cover profiles

Benefits of AM WINDOW Sapphire Suite


Slightly rounded contours

gives the SAPPHIRE system its classic look

Best thermal insulation

of up to Uw = 1,0 W/m2K, depending on the type of glazing, significantly reduces heating costs

High-quality gaskets

in elegant grey – the twin seal gaskets reliably keeps cold, draughts and damp at bay

Galvanised metal reinforcement

in accordance with European reinforcement, guidelines guarantee stability and long-lasting functionality

The 5-chamber profile

with 70 mm standard installation depth makes optimum use of the insulating effect of air
AMNSW Sapphire Suite

The best quality offers many benefits

Energy and cost savings

The 5-chamber technology of SAPPHIRE profiles keeps heat loss to an absolute minimum. It reduces energy consumption and keeps your heating costs low.

Best noise insulation

The Sapphire windows system is manufactured with the best European profile that significantly reduces external noise and it easily conforms with the lowest sound transmission class.

Perfect atmosphere

The excellent insulating properties of the SAPPHIRE profiles minimise the temperature differences in your living space and ensure maximum comfort in your home. The extremely reliable gaskets is a high-performance barrier against cold and draughts.

Colour range

Coloured window frames and doors are a reflection of your individual character. With a portfolio of over 10 different colour hues and wood finishes, we offer individual solutions for every taste and architectural style.

Increased security

Depending on their position and accessibility, windows need to fulfil a number of different security requirements. Special fittings, security glazing and handles can be fitted according to customer requirements to make the SAPPHIRE profiles burglary-resistant.

Valuable investment

New windows are a worthwhile investment which increases the value of your property. The durable surfaces of SAPPHIRE high-quality European system remains for a very long period of time. It is also very easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance.

European uPVC Windows and Doors

AM Windows is the sole distributor of Roland Becket uPVC windows and doors in Australia.

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